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Entry #27

Happy Clock Day, again!

2011-08-16 02:47:47 by MentosClock

It is time for my yearly news post, to advertise my latest cartoon! Here ya go:

Watch it!


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2011-10-03 21:13:57

too late, already fived ;)

still, watched afterwards, and i must say:
worth a five. AND A TEN!

sup, my friend!


2014-08-15 18:41:18

Happy Clock Day.... 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014! Any chance fixing the pre-loader on this year's submission? If not, just say "right click and play" in the author description ;) Looks great dude.

MentosClock responds:

Fixed! I ended up just using a different pre-loader. Don't know how I messed it up!


2014-08-16 01:38:41

Wow, you made 5th Daily, congrats! Did you manage to change the preloader fast enough, you think?